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Hagatha the village crone was shunned by most of
the town’s people since she was a young girl. She
was different from the other girls. Her skin was very
leathery and she had a large wart on her face. Her
clothes were dark and worn. For years she kept to
herself. When she became an old woman she fled to
the country and took up residence in an abandon
shack on the old Grims Mortuary property.  There
she became friends with Clara, a patient who had
escaped from the local mental hospital.
For years Hagatha has been conjuring up potions
and experimenting with animals she found on the
farm. She was trying to develop a potion that she
could use on the towns people to get even with them
for being so cruel to her. She even experimented on
her faithful friend Clara.
After many experiments she developed the Zombie
potion with which she poisons the water supply.
Now anytime anyone drinks from the well, it forces
them to walk among the dead.  So while walking on
the mortuary grounds remember DO NOT drink from
the well and look behind you because there are the
others looking to feast on human flesh.
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